22 July 2020

ACE Transport

Inseparable from AllianCeuropE, ACE Transport ensures the provision of human and technical resources for flow management across the Continent.

With more than 50 road tractors in Cherbourg, ACE Transport is gradually adapting its human and material resources with the development of AllianCeuropE and its customers.

With a reliable and experienced driving staff, combined with a fleet of recent equipment, ACE Transport provides a high-performance and quality tool for our operations on a daily basis.

ACE Transport also has a domestic traction unit which is more focused on the industrial players based in the Channel area.

In charge of equipment maintenance and the Crossdocking platform in Cherbourg, we have an ideal tool for consolidating our grouped flows before leaving for Ireland and Great Britain.

Ideally located in Cherbourg, ACE Transport is five minutes from the boarding terminals for Ireland and Great Britain.

With a rigorous management of our routes, combinations, consumption, driver training, and more. We are committed to a voluntary policy of reducing the carbon footprint of our activities.